Boretti Service Prices

Repair Service

Repair Service in the Netherlands and Belgium

(For England, please contact your point of sale)

Is your Boretti product experiencing a malfunction? Report it to us! Boretti strives to provide its clients with high-quality kitchen and outdoor equipment. That is why we offer high-quality repair service by qualified engineers who will try to fix the malfunction as quickly as possible. Verify whether the repair service falls within your warranty term and check which rates apply to the repair. Please, fill out the service request form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


When there is no warranty applicable to a repair, the Boretti technician charges the following fees. Our technician carries a portable payment device for payment of the repair costs. As a consumer, you pay directly by debit card with our technician. This is to avoid extra administrative costs. If you are not able to pay by debit card, we are forced to charge you these extra administrative costs of €15.00.

Rates for service visit in the Netherlands and Belgium

  • Call-out fee including 15 minutes of wage € 138,95

  • Wage after the first 15 minutes, calculated per 10 minutes € 19,50

  • Not home fee (if the technician determines you are not at home on the agreed date and time) € 65,-

The amounts above include VAT, but do not include the replacement parts.