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Cooking on an induction hob has quite a few advantages over cooking on gas or on traditional electric hobs. If you're considering switching to induction, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below we've listed some things for you to consider.

The hob  

Induction hobs come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller ones have four cooking zones, the larger models have five or six. The use of flex zones is unique to induction: by connecting two cooking zones, you easily have a larger cooking zone. Perfect if you want to use an elongated pan, grill plate or teppanyaki plate for a tasty dish. When buying an induction hob, also look at the options. For safety purposes, many models are equipped with a child lock and automatic switch-off after a certain time. Digital timers for each zone individually, automatic keep-warm and a booster function for super fast heating are just some of the options that increase convenience and cooking pleasure.  

The electric installation  

When you switch to induction, adjustments in the fuse box may be necessary. Induction hobs can be categorized according to the power consumption.  

  • Four-zone hobs have a maximum power of 7,360 Watts. A special 'perilex' plug is available for this, which draws the power from two groups in the meter box at the same time. Most hobs use a double cooking group (or 2-phase connection). If you do not have this type of connection, it must be installed.  

  • The most advanced hobs – like those with five or six cooking zones – require more than 7,360 watts at a time. These models require a 3-phase connection in the meter box. 

The pans  

Whether or not your existing pans are suitable for induction cooking depends on the bottom. It must be flat and magnetic. Aluminium and copper pans are often unsuitable for induction. And if you're going to buy new pans, don't just pay attention to the design (important, because looks matter). But for suitable pans, the coil-shaped symbol is also important: this indicates that the pan is suitable for induction cooking.  

Inspiration & ideas  - Country Kitchen  

A country kitchen generally features a lot of natural materials, such as wood, combined with cosy and warm colours. Decorative finishes are a major feature in country kitchens. These stylish finishes include the kitchen handles, kitchen cupboard doors, and other accessories. If you don't like these finishes or don't like the use of wood, then a sleek or modern kitchen may better suit your needs.   

When it comes to the country kitchen style, different styles can be created by making use of the details. Less use of details creates a modern kitchen and with many details you can give your kitchen a more classic look.  

Boretti kitchen appliances fit perfectly in a country kitchen. We have listed several stylish country kitchen ideas to inspire you. We are happy to show how Boretti products are created in these styles. The country kitchen styles include:  

  • Sleek & modern country kitchens  

  • Small country kitchens  

  • Country kitchens with cooking island  

  • Wooden country kitchens  

  • Black & white country kitchens  

Sleek & modern country kitchens  

It is generally thought that sleek and modern do not combine well with a more rural design. On the contrary, this is an excellent combination. Modern country kitchens give the ideal mix between ambience and modern ease-of-use. If you like sleek and modern design, you can go in all directions with the country kitchen style.  

Country kitchens are known for the use of natural materials. Wood, for example, is a popular material in these kitchens. If you ensure that the wooden kitchen cabinets are neatly finished, the kitchen will quickly get a sleek and modern look. Discover which Boretti products fit in this type of kitchen and be inspired by the images below!  

Small country kitchens  

Do you have a small kitchen? It may then feel more difficult to create a particular style. Fortunately, there are many ways to give a small kitchen the desired atmospheric, countryside look. You want to make the most of the available space, without making the kitchen look cluttered and crowded. Therefore, make sure that you limit the number of kitchen cupboards as much as you can, so that you have enough freedom to manoeuver around the kitchen.  

Small kitchens call for light and neutral colours. These colours make the kitchen feel more spacious. The walls, floor and ceiling also play a role in this. You can create a spacious effect if you give the walls and ceiling a light colour and the floor a slightly darker colour. Boretti also has suitable equipment for a small kitchen. See below how these elements can be integrated and be inspired!  

Country kitchen with cooking island  

A kitchen island often makes the kitchen the focal point in the home. Kitchens have become increasingly important in recent years. It used to be just a place to cook, nowadays it has really become part of the living space. A cooking island is separate from the rest of the kitchen and can also function as a dining table or workplace. This makes a country kitchen with a cooking island a dream come true for anyone who loves to cook. You have all the space for this!  

Another advantage of a cooking island is that it can provide a lot of extra storage space. Large drawers or cabinets can be built into a cooking island. Boretti's high-quality kitchen appliances fit perfectly in a kitchen with a cooking island. This includes beautiful stoves, extractor hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers.  

Wooden country kitchens  

Wood is the primary material for a country kitchen. Wooden country kitchens are therefore very popular. Are you looking for a cross between classic country living and modern? Then consider a more neatly finished wood. Are you really looking for a pure country kitchen? Then the wood can be a little more robust and not finished. Whatever you choose, wood is the perfect base for a country kitchen.  

A wooden kitchen style calls for impressive kitchen appliances. Consider, for example, large tables made of old wood and a free-standing oven. Not only do these appliances give your kitchen a robust appearance, they also provide all the luxuries you are looking for. Robust Boretti equipment combined with a wooden kitchen form the perfect combination.  

Black & white country kitchens  

Black and white is not the first colour combination that comes to mind when you think of a country kitchen. Still, there are plenty of options for people who like black and white but who still want their kitchen to have the rustic country side look. A black kitchen gives the interior a luxurious look. At first, black may seem too dark for a kitchen, but when you have a lot of light in your interior, a black kitchen gives a luxurious look. A white kitchen creates a feeling of peace and spaciousness. Timeless and fresh. A white kitchen is very versatile and can therefore be combined with any type of design. Black and white can be combined with any kitchen style: from classic to modern.  

If you choose these colours in your kitchen, it is very important that you use stylish handles and kitchen cupboards. A wooden floor can also add to the countryside feel. At Boretti, we offer various kitchen appliances that fit perfectly with a white or black country kitchen. This includes luxury stoves, extractor hoods and built-in appliances. Check out our extensive range of kitchen appliances for inspiration! 

Inspiration & ideas  


Italian Kitchen  

Italian cuisine is also known as the ultimate gourmet kitchen. The Italian kitchen owes this reputation to the worldwide popular dishes that originate from Italy: pasta and pizza. The preparation of these dishes is key and has everything to do with the layout of an Italian kitchen. The Italian kitchen is not only furnished according to the luxurious Italian style concepts, but is also adapted to the standard working method of the Italian people.  


Design of Italian kitchens  

The design of an Italian kitchen is defined by its sleekness and lightness. The design is authentic but elegantly modern. You will often see sleek kitchen cupboards with invisible handles. Italians have a great love of design and partly due to the warm climate, most Italian kitchens are white. An Italian kitchen must fit perfectly with the dining space. Think of a large table that is used for living. The space must be arranged in such a way that there is enough room left to enjoy delicious dinners with the whole 'famiglia'. Boretti kitchen appliances fit perfectly into this style and atmosphere.   


Italian kitchen with an Italian stove  

An Italian kitchen is of course not complete without an Italian stove. Our Boretti cookers are perfect examples of this. Italian stoves stand out for their grandeur. They are wide, have many functions, plenty of cooking options and are fully equipped. These features and the Italian passion for design offer the ideal combination in one stove. Boretti has years of experience in creating legendary stoves. This experience has also led to the creation of a complete oven range that guarantees exceptional baking results. Techniques such as multi-steaming, baking pizza at a very high temperature, cooking at a low temperature (also called slow cooking) were taken from the professional kitchen. Simple, safe and authentic!



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