Charcoal barbecue

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Charcoal barbecue

The Vittoria offers you the best possible ease of use for a great barbecue evening!

Warming rack Ventilation grille Bottle opener Integrated thermometer

Antracite Matt Finish

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The Vittoria offers you the best possible ease of use for a great barbecue evening!

Warming rack Ventilation grille Bottle opener Integrated thermometer

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The perfect barbecue experience



Thanks to the wheels, you can easily move the barbecue to the best spot in your garden.


Removable coal tray and ash tray

The removable coal tray and ash pan make the barbecue very easy to clean.


Cast-iron grill

The cast-iron grill rack enhances the flavour, creates the most gorgeous grill stripes on your dishes and, thanks to the robust material, is easy to clean.

All the details

All the details

Go back to basics with the Boretti Vittoria, by cooking the original way over an open fire. The barbecue is known for the ease with which it can be moved, thanks to the wheels and the handle on the side. Cleaning out the ashes is no longer a tedious task, thanks to the easily detachable ash drawer. The Vittoria contains many more handy tools, such as a separate container for olive oil and herbs and a folding side table from which you can hang your barbecue accessories. The barbecue even includes a bottle opener, so you can enjoy a cold Peroni while you cook!

Warming rack

The warming rack is suitable for keeping food warm, cooking vegetables or toasting bread.

Ventilation grill

Reach the perfect level of air supply easily thanks to the ventilation grilles on the barbecue.

Bottle opener

Use the bottle opener when barbecuing to quickly and easily provide your guests with a drink.

Integrated thermometer

The thermometer is ideal for measuring the temperature of the barbecue.

Barbecuing in style


Find your spareparts.

Something broken or a sparepart missing, we have over 300 spareparts available online.


All you need is Answers

Why choose a charcoal barbecue?

A charcoal BBQ allows you to have a versatile cooking range, that goes from direct grilling to indirect grilling with the possibility of reaching very high temperatures. Another important aspect is the unique flavour that comes from the use of charcoal, enhancing the meat flavour significantly.

Why should I choose the 'model

If comfort and space are what you are looking for, the Vittoria model is for you. Two side tables and two underlying shelves ensure additional space.

How to manage the temperature of the barbecue?

The efficient ventilation system allows you to control the barbecue temperature based on your needs.

How is the unboxing for this model?

Assembly of this model is very intuitive, even if it can take some time. Make sure you have enough time for assembly before welcoming guests to your party.