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The stove is the eye-catcher in many kitchens – countless culinary creations start right here. In addition to the functional properties, the appearance is often the deciding factor. Classic and robust, professional stainless steel, matte anthracite or glossy black: there are stoves available to suit all tastes.

The most common width for a cooker is 90 cm. It's a pleasant width to work with and a stove of this size fits in almost every kitchen. For small kitchens or small households, 60-cm wide cookers are also available. And if you like to cook a lot and for many people, you can opt for a 120 cm stove with more zones, more burners and a large oven.

The most important functional consideration is how you wish to cook: using gas or induction. Both have their pros and cons. For most of us, gas is what we are used to, and it is a good source of energy for cooking with a wok over high heat and simmering over low heat. If you go electric, induction is by far the best choice. Induction cooking is energy efficient, heats quickly and also has other advantages, causing more and more enthusiasts to opt for this way of cooking.

The stove of your dreams also deserves the best possible oven. Or multiple ovens, because there are also stoves with two or even three ovens, which allows you to regulate the temperature separately. Multiple smaller ovens heat up faster than one large one, saving energy every time. The nice thing about a large oven is, of course, that it can hold a lot. When choosing an extractor hood, it is just as much about appearance as it is about functionality. As a finishing touch to kitchen design, extractor hoods offer a wide range of options. A stylish extractor hood above a cooking island, for example, or a wall extractor hood.

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