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How long does the warranty last?

Boretti B.V. guarantees the quality of the items it delivers for a warranty period of 2 years after the purchase. The warranty period applies to outdoor products and kitchen appliances of Boretti supplied by Boretti B.V.

With the purchase of a Boretti cooker as of 1 March 2018, a standard warranty period of 5 years applies, whereby from the 3rd year the call-out charges only will be charged.

What is the recommended size for my kitchen hood?

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Will the cooker be delivered at my door ?

Our products are big an heavy therefore we deliver them in front of your door by appointment or inside your property.

Do the cooker come with a connection cable?

Single-phase appliances do, multi-phase appliances don't. Furthermore, the electrical installation must always be performed by an authorised installer.

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