88cm Einbau-Weinklimaschrank mit 2 Zonen

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88cm Einbau-Weinklimaschrank mit 2 Zonen

Mit Weinklimaschränken von Milano wird Ihr Weingenuss noch erlesener. Lagern Sie bis zu 35 Flaschen bei Idealtemperaturen und servieren Sie Perfektion pur.

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Mit Weinklimaschränken von Milano wird Ihr Weingenuss noch erlesener. Lagern Sie bis zu 35 Flaschen bei Idealtemperaturen und servieren Sie Perfektion pur.

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Characteristic Italian design

Alle details

Alle details

In Italien ist es üblich, am Ende des Arbeitstages und vor dem Abendessen mit einem guten Glas Wein und einem leichten Snack zu entspannen. Servieren Sie Ihre Weine mit der exakt richtigen Temperatur, damit das Erlebnis für Sie und Ihre Gäste perfekt wird. 2 Temperaturzonen Dieser Weinklimaschrank verfügt über zwei Zonen, die sich separat auf die jeweils ideale Temperatur einstellen lassen und die unterschiedliche Kapazitäten bieten. Ob Weiß-, Rot-, Rosé- oder Schaumweine: in diesem Klimaschrank bewahren Sie alle Flaschen bei jeweils idealer Temperatur auf. Personalisierbar Mit dem nutzerfreundlichen Bedienpanel stellen Sie Ihre persönlichen Vorlieben ein. Die Beleuchtung lässt sich in drei Stufen dimmen: von elegantem Schein bis zum hellen Präsentationslicht. Eine smarte Einstellung sorgt dafür, dass sich das Betriebsgeräusch des Weinklimaschranks an die Umgebungstemperatur anpasst, und mit dem Eco-Modus können Sie Strom sparen. Dieser Weinklimaschrank ist auch in der Farbe anthrazit erhältlich.


Separately controllable temperature zones

Ideal drinking temperature: wine cabinets with separately adjustable temperature zones cool various wine types to their ideal drinking temperature. An excellent choice for anyone who occasionally wants to uncork a bottle of wine spontaneously.


Sophisticated control panel

The user-friendly panel lets you personalise your preferences. The lighting is dimmable at three levels: from an elegant glow to bright presentation light. The intelligence setting ensures that the noise level of the wine fridge is reduced by lowering the speed of the fans, and the eco mode can be turned on to save energy.

Frequently asked questions.
Find your answers here.

How is the capacity (the number of bottles) of a wine climate cabinet measured?

The capacity of wine climate cabinets is not expressed in terms of litres, but in the number of bottles. This is done based on Bordeaux bottles in accordance with EU standards. You may find that you can fit fewer bottles of larger or wider sizes, such as Burgundy or Champagne bottles. Therefore, a wine climate cabinet will always accommodate more Bordeaux bottles than Burgundy bottles.

Can I adjust the brightness of the lighting of my wine climate cabinet?

The control panel enables the LED lighting to be set to three different levels. Press and hold the light button for 3 seconds until the symbol flashes. You can then adjust the brightness with the +/- button from subtle to very bright.

Can the rotational direction of the door be changed?

Yes, the rotational direction of the door can be changed. You can find the instructions for this in the manual provided and on the Boretti website.

Isn't the energy label F or G energy-inefficient?

As of 1 March 2021, the new European energy label for electrical appliances was introduced. Until that date, the old label applied.
The reform of the energy label has separated appliances into energy classes A to G again. This makes it easier to identify energy-efficient appliances. However, many appliances that previously had the most energy-efficient (A+++) energy label now fall into energy class D or E, creating opportunities for even more energy-efficient appliances in the future. Wine climate cabinets rarely fall into these energy classes; energy label G is the most common for this size of climate cabinet.

What is the best temperature for storing wine?

When storing wine for a long time, it is important to minimise temperature fluctuations so that the wine can mature properly.
The ideal long-term storage temperature is between 10 °C and 12 °C. The lower zone is suitable for this purpose. The upper zone of this wine cabinet is designed to keep white wines at serving temperature. Crisp white wines are often best enjoyed at around 7 °C and full-bodied white wines around 10 °C. The ideal drinking temperature for red wines is between 15 °C and 18 °C. They are therefore best stored in the lower zone.

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